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A limited edition of 6,000 pieces produced with "SUPER CEL-24 yeast", which is a highly fragrant yeast selected from Kochi Prefecture's unique yeast CEL-24! It has a gorgeous apple-like aroma and a unique sweetness and sourness that makes it a flavorful sake. A gorgeous and fragrant ginjo incense reminiscent of delicious apples and lychees. When you put it in your mouth, you can feel the exquisite balance of beautiful sweetness and sourness on your tongue, and the aftertaste is elegantly crisp with a refreshing and transparent aftertaste.
SMV:-12 、Rice: GinnoYume、Polished:55%、yeast CEL-24


高知県独自の酵母CEL-24の中から香りの高いものを選抜した「SUPER CEL-24酵母」で醸し出す、6,000本限定品!
酒度:-12 、原料米: 吟の夢、精米歩合:55%、酵母スーパーCEL24(高知酵母)

Bijofu SUPER CEL-24 Junmai Ginjo

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