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A summer-only junmai ginjo sake inspired by elegant Nishikigoi that becomes active in summer. You can enjoy a rich taste that harmonizes umami and acidity with a fruity aroma. It's cool and refreshing, and it's a mealtime sake that vividly complements a wide range of dishes. A junmai ginjo with a harmonious aroma reminiscent of fresh tropical fruits such as inapple and lychee, and the umami and sourness of rice. For pairing, it goes well with refreshing and delicious dishes such as salt-seared bonito, which is representative of Kochi, marinated summer vegetables, and cold pork shabu-shabu.

SMV:+4、、Rice:Yamadanishiki 、Polishing Ratio:55%




酒度:+4 、原料米:山田錦、精米歩合:55%

Bijofu Junmai Ginjo Summer

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