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Sparkling sake with a sweet, fizzing aroma!The beautiful and durable CEL- 24 Sparkling is an evolution of Kochi Prefecture's unique yeast "CEL 24", which has a gorgeous aroma and pure sweetness reminiscent of delicious apples, and is blended with carbonic acid over a long period of time to create a refreshing and fruity taste.It goes well with oysters with ponzu sauce, seafood carpaccio, prosciutto and melon canapés, bagna cauda, etc.
SMV: 4 、 Rice: N/A 、 Polishing Ratio: 55%


高知県独自の酵母「CEL 24 」ならではのデリシャスリンゴを思わせる華やかな香りとピュアな甘みに炭酸を長時間かけて溶け込ませ爽やかでフルーティーな味わいを実現した進化系の美丈夫 CEL 24 Sparkling 。カキのポン酢和え・魚介類のカルパッチョ・生ハムとメロンのカナッペ・バーニャカウダなどと好相性です。
SMV: 4 、 Rice: N/A 、 Polishing Ratio: 55%

Bijofu Junmai Ginjo CEL-24 Sparkling

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