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Daiginjo has a refreshing aroma and a refreshing sensation. It features a light scent reminiscent of
Delicious apples, an elegant sweetness, and a refreshing aftertaste. At around 10 C, when the temperature rises slightly due to cold, the aroma and taste range further expands. It goes well with white fish dishes such as sea bass poele and kiss tempura, so please use a wine glass for sake during meals.
SMV: +3 、 Rice: Yamadanishiki 、 Polishing Ratio: 40 %、 Yeast: CEL-66


爽やかな香りと清涼感とを併せ持つ大吟醸。デリシャスリンゴを思わせる軽快な香りと上品な甘み、清々しい後キレが特長です。冷やで少し温度が上がった 10℃ 前後では、香りと味幅がさらに広がります。スズキのポアレやキスの天ぷらなど白身魚の料理との相性も良く、ワイングラスで食中酒にどぞ。
酒度:+3 、原料米:山田錦 、精米歩合: 40 %、使用酵母:高知県酵母 (CEL -66)

Bijofu Daiginjo Kaoru

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