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An exclusive, premium sake made entirely from the Dewasansan sake rice. Dewasansan, or “DEWA33” was developed through an almost 20-year-long research project led by Yamagata Research Institute of Technology and the prefecture’s sake brewing industry for the overall enhancement of the prefecture’ s sake quality. Benten Dewasansan uses Dewasansan rice grown by Goto Shuzoten’s own toji (master brewer), milled down to just 35% of the original grain size. The resulting sake has a crisp, dry taste while retaining the signature mildness and richness of the rice. Bottled undiluted for maximum enjoyment of the sake’s intrinsic flavor, Benten Dewasansan is our most popular genshu.

Benten Gokujo Junmai Daiginjou Genshu Dewasansan

SKU: 9103811
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  • Alc 17%  Origin Yamagata Prefecture  SMV +0

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