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A pure rice ginjo sake with a soft ginjo aroma and a rich and deep taste, made using Tochigi Prefecture's "Yume Sasara" rice. Yume Sasara itself is a sake rice that is suitable for ginjo and daiginjo because it has a hard core and is resistant to rice polishing. The sake we are introducing this time is Azuma Rikishi Yume Sasara, a sake with a gorgeous aroma and well-balanced flavor.

SMV:0 、Rice:Yukimegami、Polishing Ratio:58% 



夢ささら自体は、しっかりと米の芯が硬いため精米に強く、吟醸や大吟醸に向いた酒米です。今回ご紹介する「東力士 夢ささら」は華やかな香りバランスのよい日本酒

酒度:0 、原料米:夢ささら、精米歩合:55% 

Azumarikishi Junmai Ginjo Yumesasara

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