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Tatenokawa JD Shuryu


Mellow taste, refereshing Ginjou fragrance. Well balanced excellent character and quality in a very affordable price was the concept of this new sake from Tatenokawa therefore it was named “Shuryuu”. Tatenokawa distinctive style of clean, refreshing, crisp with soft, fruity and green notes. The prominent umami which is obviously from Yamadanishiki rice is well balanced in the palate.


Tatenokawa JD Seiryu


Light, moderate, clear character type of sake, "Seiryuu" in English means "Clear Stream".   

Rice originally grown in Yamagata Prefecture "Dewasansan". Polished to 50%, a very delightful Junmai Daiginjou with a fairly low alcohol content of around 14%. Easy and neat on the palate. Fresh fruits, citrusy with sweet candies on the nose. Very gentle, quiet ending.  Perfect to drink on it's own or pair with semi hard cheese like Gouda or Edam.  

Ideal Serving Temperature:15℃ below


Tatenokawa JD Phoenix


A glamarous and elegant tasting sake with a smooth taste .
It's also an easy to drink sake with a faint sweetness and clear fragrance.

Good when paired with Miso pickles, Mozzarella cheese , smoked daikon radish pickles, and grilled fish.

Summer Promo Bundle (Tatenokawa)

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