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Hyakujuro JG Spring


This spring sake offers a rejuvenating experience with its delightful white peach and citrus aroma. The taste is fresh and pure, with a gentle acidity that complements the sophisticated flavor. It pairs exceptionally well with spring dishes such as Wild vegetable tempura, chirashi sushi, Caesar salad, fried chicken with salt, cheese pizza, and vegetable dumplings.


Hyakujuro JG Toro-Toro


While retaining the refreshing flavor of unpasteurized sake, over the course of a year, the sake has become milder, with a gentle, soft sweetness and savory flavor. The distinct flavor lingers and stays after a sip. Since it is unpasteurized sake, serving it cold is best recommended but it can also be enjoyed warm. Noticable acidity, therefore the taste is more richer and sharper when served in warm temperature. Overall, it has a fresh, crisp mellow and slightly sweet with just the right amount of acidity and minerality. These flavors denotes the characteristics of Gifu Hatsushimo rice(Table rice originally from Gifu Prefecture).


Hyakujuro JG Namagen Konayuki


Soft aromas of bergamot or flower like orange blossom. Impressive balance between freshness and mellowness is gratifying. Very pleasant acidity, dry, enjoyable to drink. Perfect to enjoy with Sashimi, grilled fish, tempura (salt), seafood pasta, asparagus appetizer, fresh cheese, etc.

Summer Promo Bundle (Hyakujuro)

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