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Fudoh JG Dewasansan Origarami


This is  Junmai Ginjo unfiltered raw sake made with 100% "Dewa Sansan" from Yamagata Prefecture. It is fruity, with a faint sweetness of origarami, a gentle umami of moromi, and a gentle ginjo aroma that spreads gently in your mouth. Carbon dioxide gas derived from fermentation creates a refreshing taste that rolls on the tongue.


Fudoh Ginjo Karakuchi Nigori Nama


“Fudo Karakuchi Ginjo Nigori Namagenshu” is a seasonal limited sake brewed using Fusakogane rice (Uruchimai or table rice) grown in Chiba Prefecture. Elegant and refreshing aroma, it has a fresh and thick taste that spreads rich umami and acidity on the drinker’s palate. Flavorful and a lot of character, this Nigori sake is best to pair with wok fried dishes like Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Prawn rice rolls, Shrimp dumplings,etc.

Summer Promo Bundle (Fudoh)

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