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Eikofuji JD Muroka Namagen Hinowa


It features a fresh taste, a gorgeous ginjo aroma and a mellow fruit taste.
The soft and wrapping texture unique to rice and rice is also exquisite, and the sharp aftertaste is recommended even during meals! A gorgeous label full of luxury also colors the table ♪


Eikofuji Junmai Muroka Akatsuki


A sweet junmai sake made from Yamagata Prefecture's "Haenuki" in a four-stage brewing process! You can also feel a crisp gas sensation, and the freshness and sweetness derived from malic acid are well-balanced. Especially perfect for shrimp, crab, and scallops!


Eikofuji JD Muroka Nama Alchemist


It means that it is the work of an alchemist who forged the finest sake rice "Yamada Nishiki" into the best Junmai Daiginjo. It is one of the best bottles that can be produced by Eimitsu Fujishi of Hyogo Prefecture brewing favorite rice "Yamada Nishiki". Please enjoy it with boiled food with broth, tempura, umami blue fish and tuna sashimi. It is a fragrant sake, but it also goes well with Japanese food. Please enjoy it with a wine glass etc. at a slightly cold temperature.

Summer Promo Bundle (Eikofuji)

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