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Natsujun Kasumi unpasteurized sake has a complex balance with a sweet and sour taste like muscat and umami, plus the gentle sourness derived from the cage and the gas feeling unique to unpasteurized sake. It is a dish that you would like to pair with a meal full of umami in the hot summer.



マスカットの様な甘酸っぱさと旨味の中にオリ由来の優しい酸味と生酒特有の ガス感がプラスされ複雑なバランスながらピチピチと跳ねる様なスッキリとした 夏純かすみ生酒。暑い夏に旨味たっぷりの食事とあわせていただきたい一品です。


Ohmine Junmai 3 Grain Natsujun Ksumi Namazake

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