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Refreshing melon like scent and juicy flavor. Sharp and vivid peculiar to a just pressed sake. Crisp and somewhat dry on the first or second sip but slowly changes into more fruitier and sweeter palate after third or fourth sips. The drinker can enjoy the balanced acerbity and umami peculiar to a nama genshu. This type of sake is only brewed, pressed and bottled, only at this time of the year when the temperature drops to 5 degrees below . Very limited produce and a must to try every winter season.
SMV:+2 、 Rice: Gohyakumangoku 、 Polished: 55%


酒度:+2 、原料米:五百万石、精米歩合: 55%

Kirinzan Potari Potari Gohyakumangoku

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