Bracingly clean and laced with mild nuance of citrus goodness. A classic niigata sake made with the signature soft Niigata water.  Well balanced flavor.   Fresh fruits and some flower notes in the entrance.  Leaves a very clean, crisp finish.  A beautiful bottle for a very beautiful product.  Perfect to drink chilled on its own or with some sweet, light snacks on the side.






Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjou "BLUE"

SKU: 9103631
  • 産地:新潟県                                            Prefecture:  Niigata Prefecture

    原料米:五百万石           Rice: Gohyakumangoku Rice 

    精米歩合:45%                                   RPR: 45%

    日本酒度:+3.0                              SMV: +3  

    酸度:1.3                                            Acidity: 1.3

    アミノ酸:1.2                                   Amino Acid: 1.2

    アルコール度:15~16                 Alcohol:  15 to 16%

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